The PheNode is a solar powered, cloud connected, plant phenotyping and atmospheric data collection system. We developed the PheNode when we realized that there was no affordable solution to our need for a remotely operated imaging and sensor system that we could use to phenotype plants. We needed a tool that would give us both images and atmospheric data that could be correlated to experimental plot specific conditions. We began work to build the tool we needed in the summer of 2016, and unveiled the first working prototype at the fall, 2016 Ag Innovation Showcase at The DDPSC, after having received a provisional patent for the technology. Since then, we have received strong interest from farmers of all types from all over the world, from commodity crops to specialty crops, as well as researchers like us.

In the summer of 2017 we completed our first field test with our alpha phase prototype and are in the process of developing our beta phase prototype to deploy in the 2018 growing season. We currently have two working display prototypes which are sending data that anyone can look at, one here at The DDPSC and one at The Saint Louis Science Center in their GROW! Exhibit- check out the link provided to “see” what the PheNode “sees” and senses.

Project Details

Date: Jan 4, 2018

Author: Dr. Todd Mockler and Dr. Nadia Shakoor

Categories: project

Lab: Mockler Lab


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