DDPSC Maker Group + The Raspberry Pi Education

DDPSC Maker Group + The Raspberry Pi Education

Sep 23, 2016. | By: Malia Gehan

DDPSC Maker Group + The Raspberry Pi Education

We are very excited (VERY) to have recieved support from both the Danforth Center and the Raspberry Pi Education Foundation for a number of education and outreach activities in 2015. For more on this please see this blog post.

The plan for our Raspberry Pi Education Funds:

Raspberry Pi Jam outreach event to stir community interest (especially with educators) in Raspberry Pi computers and Maker projects. The first Rasbperry Pi Jam occured on Janurary 31, 2015, and was a huge success! There will be a post soon.

Summer 2015 educator workshops and working groups. We want to know from educators the best way for them to implement low-cost computing (eg. Raspberry Pis) into their curiculums.

Tech trunk lessons, training, and implementation. Based on the information we get from our educator workshops and working groups we are going to put together a Raspberry Pi based Tech Trunk into our existing Tech Trunk program at the Danforth Center. All lesson plans (and materials lists) will also be put online here.

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