Best Websites to Start Your Maker Journey

Best Websites to Start Your Maker Journey

Jan 5, 2018. | By: Leonardo Chavez

How do you develop Maker skills? If you are looking for great sites to learn how to code, set up your Raspberry Pi, or looking for inspiration for a new project then take a look at this collection of useful websites to get you started. If you’d like a website added please contact us.

A great place to start is to browse the amazing catalogue of the official Raspberry Pi magazine MagiPi and the Essentials Guide book series going over Electronics, C Programming, and Command Line plus many more available as a free PDF download. Recently released are a Beginner’s Book and a Project Book to showcase creations from the community.

Website Description
Scratch Learn the basics of coding using blocks of code to create stories, games, and animation.
Khan Academy Hour of Code Projects that give you one hour introduction to computer science and computer programming.
Code Academy Learn to code in HTML & CSS, Python, SQL, or Bash/Shell interactively in your browser.
DataQuest Learn to skills you need to become a data scientist, data analyst, or data engineer.
EdX Search for various computer science courses from some of the best universities and institutions from around the world.
Raspberry Pi Learn how to use a Raspberry Pi computer, find a project, or download free issues of MagPi the official Raspberry Pi magazine.
Make DIY Projects Discover various maker projects and learn new skill.
Instructables A place to find tutorials, discover projects, and seek answers to Maker projects.

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