Resources For Makers

Resources For Makers

Sep 17, 2016. | By: Leonardo Chavez

Resources! Below are useful websites for constructing and analyzing data from Maker Projects, if you’d like a website added please contact us. This blog will be updated frequently.

DDPSC Maker resources include educational materials (lesson plans etc., which we are actively working on), and links to useful Maker sites. To see what we’re up to now check out our blog and follow us on Twitter.

Name What's Here Link
PlantCV Plant phenotyping using computer vision PlantCV
Adafruit Lots of lessons and Maker supplies to purchase here Adafruit
Adafruit Lots of lessons and Maker supplies to purchase here Arduinos!
Plant Image Analysis Website Lots of plant image analysis tools highlighted here! Plant Image Analysis
Raspberry Pi Website Learn about AMAZING microcomputers for education, research, and fun Raspberry Pi!
Sonic Pi Lessons Lesson plans here for Raspberry Pi Computers Sonic PI
Thingiverse Website Lots of things to Make (esp Print!) here Thingiverse

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